Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is learning by doing. It’s hands-on, get-it-done, no-excuses learning. The axiom, “There is no substitute for practice,” holds true. And, that’s what makes experiential learning so valuable!

Exp_02This training was created for a top-level, soft-skills company, focused on increasing employee effectiveness and commitment. The course takes employees and managers on a journey through a series of informative topics, each followed by a knowledge-building learning activity. But, it’s not just something to do; participants are experiencing the actual, meaningful process of growth.

Exp_01Each exercise is developed to help the learner start a process that they’ll continue after the training, and throughout their career. This structured practice is the basis for change and growth, bringing great value to themselves and their organizations.

In this full service training, user input is maintained and made available as downloadable or printable resources.

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