Blended Learning

Blended Learning joins multiple instructional methods to enhance and strengthen a learning experience. At times a single form of training is sufficient. Perhaps an online training course used for a widely dispersed audience. Or, a classroom course for a more personal touch.

Each form of delivery has strengths and weaknesses. Blending the approach to training allows you to tailor a course to draw from the benefits of each method. We have found that a blended learning model is an excellent choice for some subjects and skill-building activities.

If you have a need for any combination of the following, a blended solution could be right for you:

  • Blend_03A flexible work/training schedule
  • Pre or post-training evaluations
  • Live qualifications
  • Significant information transfer
  • Manual skills practice
  • Interpersonal skills development
  • Learning labs

This solution, created for a premier security organization, utilizes a combination of live instruction in the classroom, enhanced by video-based examples (also viewable online), and a unique flipbook designed to encourage continuing practice in the workplace.


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